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Timberline Tractor & Marine, Inc. has the experience and expertise to repair your diesel engines quickly, reliably and at reasonable cost.  We specialize in CAT® engine.  We also supply a full range of natural-gas and diesel generator sets.

In addition to on-location repair services, our headquarters facility offers a fully equipped repair shop for jobs which are more easily and cost effectively repaired at our location.

Timberline Tractor & Marine offers expert service at competitive prices.  We specialize in repairing diesel, natural-gas and methane engines, including emergency repair.  Our scope is worldwide; we have served clients in Japan, Singapore, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Marshall Islands and Dubai to name a few.  No job is to distant.

Our diesel-repair specialists, who average 25 years' experience, offer unparalleled service and expertise.  We also offer competitive guarantees with parts and labor warranties for a full year.

If you're facing downtime because an engine isn't running smoothly, call Timberline Tractor & Marine to get you running again.

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